Van Gogh Study


What can I say, I must have been  (unknowingly) a snob (though a closet one) when I first started painting.  I just didn’t get him at all.  It seemed “childlike” in my uneducated mind.  The only teacher I ever had did not paint this way, but certainly didn’t discourage me from trying to paint à la Van Gogh.

So with that kind of attitude I painted tighter and tighter until I felt like I was in a small hole and painting seemed like a chore that I always had to “get done right”.

I’ve read about so many amazing artists who have copied Master’s art in the process of becoming good themselves. So as the song says “why not me”?

It was a complete joy painting Van Gogh’s fields his way, well sort of his way.  It was also a process of getting closer to the artist.  He is now one of my favourite artists now. And what a joy to paint his way. Lesson learned.

A good lesson learned.


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