The Eye Doth Fool

Technique is noticed most markedly in the case of those who have not mastered it,” wrote Leon Trotsky.

I’m not a revolutionary like Trotsky, but I know this to true.  The eye does fool us. There are times when I thought I had done a decent job.  It wasn’t until I took a picture of it that I noticed the error of my ways.  Yikes.  Can I be deceived that easily?  Yes I can.  Back to the literal “drawing board” goes the painting!

The worse thing we can do after we think we are done is to put it out to the world. It’s best to “let it sit” a while and then gleam over our “hopeful” masterpiece again, like in a few days or even a few weeks won’t hurt you.

The fitting idea is therefore to work on the technical aspects of paintings that give us the most trouble.  I have consistently tried to do this and it’s beneficial, although no much fun at the time! It is hard at first….until it isn’t.  But that’s the same with everything in life.

So lets explore those rocks (as I did in this painting) or clouds or faces or even trees…whatever is our nemesis and perhaps we might come close to mastering something.


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