Conceptual Art? No Thanks!

conceptual art

I grit my teeth and always feel guilty after seeing conceptual art.  It’s not that it’s “conceptual” it’s that it’s called “art”.

The image seen here is a Felix Gonzalez-Torres – “Untitled” (1989-90). Each sheet in one stack says, “Somewhere better than this place” and each in the other says ‘Nowhere better than this place’.

con·cep·tu·al: adjective relating to or based on mental concepts.

Just because something is conceptualized, doesn’t make it art.  I might conceptualize that the flowers in my garden look like a cat but that doesn’t make it art.  Or perhaps a squigly bunch of rock lining my driveway remind me of a snake, bit it doesn’t make it art.  And neither do pieces of paper…no matter how much you mulled it around in your brain, to find a way to make it “artsy”.

But according to today’s standards, I am totally wrong.  Not!

I smiled as I read the following Why People Hate Contemporary Art.  Someone else hiding in the art closet…who has the same feelings.

“Modern, or “conceptual art” isn’t art at all. It’s one big circle jerk of pretentious twats ***(a person regarded as stupid or obnoxious) trying to make themselves look sophisticated by ascribing meaning to something that’s completely meaningless… Why is it that the most talent-less and vacuous shit gets promoted by the art establishment? Well, it’s partly born out of elitism. If the artistic merit of a bunch of squiggly lines can only be appreciated by a select number of privileged insiders they can sneer at the uninitiated, and justify their own intellectual superiority.

When you see someone intently staring at a Jackson-Pollock-style vomit canvas they’re not really trying to ascertain its deeper meaning. It’s all just an act to prove to the other pompous wankers that they’re part of the same cult of aesthetic relativism, while sneering at the Philistine general public who just don’t get it, despite the fact that there’s nothing to get.”

I’m pretty sure I’ve made myself clear about my feeling, but in case you think I haven’t, you can read my other post “Is this art?”


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