Is this art???

What is the first thing you think of when you say the word “art”?  I can almost bet the thought of some “painting” comes to mind.

There is only one word that describes a person who draws on paper or canvas.  That is the word artist.  The artist has lost his or her importance and their territory is being trampled and the life is being sucked out of it.

People will argue that music is of the arts and that they are artists.  But I say no, they are musicians.  A person who works with rock or stone is a sculpturer.  Talented? Very much so, but in their own realm.  Dancing has stolen from the artist as well.  They are dancers and wonderful they are.  Let them stay in that sphere and not steal from the artist that has worked so hard to hone his or her own skills.  Even actors are considered artists, but they are performers or actors.  People who write are writers or poets, not an artist.   I think that’s where we’ve gone wrong.

All of the above are “creators” and my theory in life, is that we, as humans, are at our best when we create.  But creating something doesn’t make you an artist.  Sewing, knitting, wood working, gardening, music, dance etc are all wonderful things to do and are creative and can change the life of the person who does it and those on the receiving end too. One can become so adept that they become a talent, but they are still not an artist.  They are creative, ingenious, talented, gifted and even visionary, but unless they take up the pencil or brush they are not artists.

The piece in this post is a Robert Ryman, Guild, 1982 (enamel paint on fiberglass, aluminum and wood).

Even if we all agree as to what the artist really should be, there’s the problem of what constitutes art when it is on a canvas.  I’ll stick my neck out again and say that it does not include a canvas that has been splashed, splattered, walked on by animals,  lines drawn through, circles, written on if that is the only thing used.  There is no talent used here whatsoever.  It might be colorful and playful but that big blue dot in the middle of a canvas is nothing but a big blue dot.  Apparently having nothing on the canvas is considered quite wonderful and awe inspiring.

How do people get persuaded that this is art?


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